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Comparison of Remspec cable size and connectors

Remspec has twenty years experience in building cables and assembies with mid-IR optical fiber. Our cables are designed to combine ruggedness with ease of use and versatility. Remspec manufactures infrared fiber cables in two sizes, and multiple connector styles. Both cable sizes are armored and engineered to protect the fiber from accidental mechanical abuse. by limiting the bend radius and preventing the fiber from experiencing pulling tension. The smaller diameter accomodates bundles of 7 of our standard fibers and the larger will accomodate 19 fiber bundles.

Remspec connector to SMA cable
7 fiber bundle in a Remspec Connector

Remspec connectors are prefered for many applications because of their superior strain relief and capacity for larger bundles,but telecom connectors such as SMA or ST can also be used. The maximum bundle size for SMA connectors is 7 fibers.